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Catering Menu

Fruit & Cheese Platter

Fruit & Cheese Platter

Seasonal Fruit Tart

Seasonal Fruit Tart

Pumpkin&Feta Tart

Pumpkin&Feta Tart

Fresh Strawberry Cheesecake

Fresh Strawberry Cheesecake

Mushroom Tart & Brioche Discs

Mushroom Tart & Brioche Discs

*please read the following conditions before placing an order*




Muffins  $4.9/ea     **minimum 3 pcs each flovour  

- Mixed Berry / Ginger & Cinnamon/ Choc Chip 

- Bacon, Spinach & Feta cheese


Classic Sandwich  $10.5/round   **1.5 sandwiches per round, cut in 6 triangles 

-  Ham, cheese, tomato, salad

- Chicken, dill, onion, aioli , salad

- Curried egg, mayo, spinach

- Roasted veggies (Grilled pumpkin, zucchini, eggplant, roasted capsicum, cheese, salad)

Gourmet Bagels  $10.9/ea   

- Ham & Honey mustard Bagel (Ham, cheese, tomato, honey mustard & aioli)

- Roasted Veggies (Assorted roasted veggies with basil pesto & feta)

- Bulgogi Bagel (Korean marinaded beef, homemade coleslaw, aioli & sesame )

- Smoked salmon & avocado (Smoked salmon, avocado, cream cheese, dill, capers & spinach)

Small food

$3.20 /ea (minimum 12 pcs each type)

- Tomato & basil Crostinis(V) (Tomato, basil, red onion, feta)

- Pumpkin walnut Crostinis (V) (Pumpkin, walnut, feta )

- Avo & beetroot Crostinis (V) (Beetroot hummus, avo smash & parsley )

- Chorizo & hummus Crostinis (Crispy chorizo bits and Hummus )


$3.9 ea (minimum 12 pcs each type)

- Smoked salmon cream cheese mousse canapé

Savoury Tart  $4.9/ea     **minimum 6 pcs each type 

- Pumpkin, bacon & fetta
- Mushrooms, thyme & ricotta

Gourmet Salads


Individual Lunchbox size $15.9

Large tray (for 4-6 ppl) $55

- Chicken Caesar salad 
- Roasted pumpkin, sweet potato, mesclun , walnut, feta w/ honey balsamic

- Chicken, avocado, sun-dried tomato

Platter (minimum 4 people)

- Cheese & fruit    / $11.90 a head

- Seasonal fruit platter    / $6.90 a head


Home Bake Sweet (minimum 6 pcs each type/flavour)

- Assorted Macarons $3.5

- Plain/Sultana/Ginger scones w jam & cream $4.5

- Chocolate Brownie / walnut Brownie $4.5 / $5

- Coconut & cranberry slice (G.F.) $5

- Carrot cake slice $5.5

- Brownie balls (G.F./D.F./S.F.) $3.5

- Banana bread w lemon curd $6.5


Homemade sweet tart $5 (minimum 6 pcs each flavour)

- Lemon meringue tart
- Salted caramel tart
- Cream cheese & passionfruit tart
- Salted caramel & chocolate tart
- Rich dark chocolate tart
- Seasonal custard fruit tart

Cupcakes $5 (minimum 6 pcs each flavour)

- lemon meringue

- chocolate

- red velvet

- rocky road

- salted caramel

Rice Paper Rolls  (minimum 6 pcs each type)

- Avocado (vegan) $4.5

- Miso tofu (vegan)  $4.5

- Chicken $4.5
- Prawn $5 


  • Please note: minimum of 48 hours required, however some home bake goods may require more time. customized menus this menu serves as a base for our catering requests. We are happy to try to meet the customer’s needs where possible, and create different options and menus according to our capabilities. Items labelled ‘flavours upon request’ depend on seasonal products and client’s dietary requirements. 

  • pick-up/delivery pick-up from the store or delivery can be arranged at cost to the customer 

  • GTS all prices include GST, tax invoice will be issued on payment 

  • payment full payment required upon placing of order . phone payment applied 2% surcharge 

  • cancellation late notice (less than 24hrs) 50% of the total order will be charged refrigeration we will not be liable for foods that have not been stored in accordance with directions. Reheating please follow enclosed instructions for foods that require reheating 

  • Satisfaction if for any reason the catering is unsatisfactory please contact us within 12 hours of receiving

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